Monday, August 24, 2009

Concerts I have been be continued

I have always wanted to tally up all the concerts and shows I have been to over the years.  That way I would have a running tally of how many shows I have been to, and I would like to remember each of them.  It's funny when I think of my music evolution over the years, (As I listen to Ekoostik Hookah), and each of those bands hold memories of old friends, different times, etc. 
So I am starting a tally, year seen, band, (s)  and who I saw the show with. 
I know many of you on here,  I have been to a show with, so please help me add to my list!

1993, Nine Inch Nails, Erin C, Troy, Craig - my first show ever!  I begged my mom to let me go, and it was awesome, and I got to crowd surf!  WaHoo!
(this is where it starts to get foggy, of the year and order, haha! )
1994?    Troy, did we go to any other shows together (before you went to college, and I could drive?)

1995, couldnt drive yet, Smashing Pumpkins & Garbage, I have no memory of this show at all.  very weird.  who the hell was there?

1996, Verve Pipe, Ryan Jen, Got to eat lasagna and fruit salad with the band!!
1996, Tool, Ryan, Steve,
1996,  ?what band?   Erin, Megan, ( saw someone in Kzoo, snowing, we stayed in a hotel, erin had a credit card)
1997, Soundgarden, Erin, Rebecca, Megan?
1997, Verve Pipe, Ryan, Jen, Steve,

1996?, Stone Temple Pilots, Erin, Jen, Megan, (vaguely remember this show either, must not have been that great)
1997, Kid Rock & possibly other bands, Ryan, Jen, __others?
1997, Ozzfest, Ryan, Steve, Matt, many others
1997, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Jen, Megan, Erin, yes, I remember this now! 

1998, Hole, Erin & Jen (got to go ON STAGE with Courtney LOVE,)

1999, Tori Amos & Alanis, Sara, Jen, Kate, Derick

1999, Foo Fighters & Chili Peppers, Ryan & Jen
2000, Kid Rock & Limp Biscuit, Derek, Ryan, Jen
2001, Leftover Salmon, Robin, Jen,
2001, Ekoostik Hookah, Jen Josh Brock Erica, really really fun show!!!
2001, String Cheese, Chicago, Jen Josh Erica H, Clint, Christy, Dan Terry, Pope

2002 Spring, Hookahville!, Jen, Brock , Erica, Clint, Christy, Pope
2002 Fall, Hookahville, same crew as above with Josh, Sara, Sean,
2002, Bonnaroo, Jen, Brock, Megan, Pope, Clint Chirsty,

2003, Widespread Panic, Sunday night, by myself :)
2004, Hookah again :), Josh and I
2005, Willie Nelson, Jen Josh
2005, Little Feat & Hot Buttered Rum, Jen Josh
2006, Willie Nelson, Red Rocks, Joe, Jen Josh, Adam
2006, Ekoostic Hookah, Jen Josh
2006, Dixie Chicks, Jen and Laura, they rock! 

2007, Blue Turtle Seduction, J & J, Adrian, Erika
2007, Widespread Panic @ Red Rocks, Jen JOsh, Laura, DAvid
2007, Ekoostic Hookah x 3 shows, Jen, Josh, Laura, Mary, David, Jeff,
2007, The Bridge, Jen & Josh

Ok, this is a pretty poor showing for the first time.
But I gotta get back to sewing.........list to be continued

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