Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New crochet goods ~ hand warmers, ~ neck warmers ~ hats and more!

Maroon hand warmers and hat, size small, youth
I have been busy crocheting this fall, and I am in LOVE with this craft!  I learned to crochet years ago from a gal I worked with in Ann Arbor at an Assisted Living home.  Her name was Elena, and we worked in the lock down Alzheimer's unit together.  Our female patients all used to know how to crochet or knit, but their dexterity and memory was so affected that they weren't able to craft anymore; but they sure loved to watch us crochet!  So, Elena taught me and I started a project to make a blanket; I brought that blanket in each day I worked and the elderly ladies "oo'd and aah'd" over it each time.  Even though the blanket was 7-8 feet long and only a few inches wide; what was I thinking?  To this day, I never finished that blanket; it's about 4 feet wide now and makes a comfy dog bed :)
I stopped crocheting after college for several years, and started knitting for a period in between, but didn't love the knitting.  Recently, I came back to crocheting and I am again 'hooked'!  Crocheting offers a lot of variety, you can modify patterns easily, if you mess up it's easy to take out, and it's just so, so, so fun! 
My current line of handmade goodies are crochet items that you can use for the outdoors; hand warmers, neck warmers, ear warmers, hats with ear flaps and many of the items are lined with ORGANIC BAMBOO FLEECE!  One of my customers is quoted saying; "The fleece is so soft, I think this is what a cloud feels like."
Here are a few of the newest items, more to come!  Message me if you are interested!

Crochet Thru Hiker warmers in Mustard Jess; with fleece lined ear warmer.

Black unisex warmers with wooden button on etsy

Chunky grey hand warmers and headband, on etsy

Chunky grey hand warmers and headband, on etsy

Maroon fleece lined hat and Thru Hiker Maroon Warmers

Blue unisex warmers on etsy

Slouch hat, this hat rocks! 

Monday, October 25, 2010


Taken at Nora Fabrics and Fiber in Westcliffe, CO, etsy
Wow, it's been a long time since I updated here!  The past month has been a mix of busy and bordeom and I am trying to deal with this mix while staying at home and being productive.  My contract job ended September 1st, and since then I haven't had any steady work, so I am staying at home trying to grow my business and take care of the house.  Unfortunately, business has been really slow this season, and I am just trying to make ends meet and earn enough money for our bills each month, unsuccessfully.  But, just because things are slow doesn't mean I am giving up! 
I am currently offering a "make me an offer" Sale for all clothing, if you like an item, make me a fair offer and it's yours (plus shipping).  Message me if you are interested, here is the link to my website. 
I have been adding photos to my new etsy shop that I have taken during hikes and other times and I hope that maybe I can sell a few.  I have always loved taking photos and it's really fun to display my favorites.  Also, do you know that I have another blog, a hiking blog that I update bi-weekly?  Well, you should check it out here.
Last weekend Josh and I had our 6 year wedding anniversary and we took a trip through the San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado and spent time camping and hiking in the area with our new Chalet.  We had a blast and I took numerous photos; here are some of my favorites. 
Reflection on the water, find in my etsy shop
Beautiful aspen trees; looking through the Aspens in my etsy shop

Leaves on the trail, remind me of cross country season! 
Self portrait on our hike to Spud Lake

Our Chalet :)  We love her!

Rock sniffing some wild animals on our hike to Spud Lake

Views of Ski resort at Sunset.  wow!

Aren't we cute?