Thursday, February 10, 2011

Road Trip: Bahia Honda State Park, Florida Keys, Marathon

When we knew we were visiting the Keys, I had to find the best beach for us to do some snorkeling.  Bahia Honda State Park boasts one of the best beaches in the country; and has miles of sandy beach (don't be shy with the sea wall) and teal blue water for miles.   Josh and I only had 4 days in the Keys, so we spent every minute doing something fun; and one whole day was dedicated to swimming and hiking in two of the Keys State Parks located near to our resort.  After spending the morning and afternoon nature viewing and hiking in Long Key State Park, we were eager to cool off with a swim and we drove the 30 miles (which takes 45 minutes on the 2 lane road) to Bahia Honda State Park.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Survival Belts and Wrist Bands made from paracord

Paracord survival belt, find them for sale here.

While I started this blog to be about hiking, I wanted it to encompass everything about hiking, including gear.  One thing that I am very passionate about is supporting independent artists and small businesses providing great products  made locally rather than running to get the cheapest item at Walmart.  Over the years I have shared my favorite hiking gear that I take when I hike, including handmade items for the trail made locally or by myself.  Now, I am very excited to offer these survival belts on my website; they are made by a small company located in Kalispell, Montana and are both useful and stylish; very Colorado!  The belts are made from 70+ yards of woven paracord that can unravel in seconds for use in any survival situation; you can also use the metal pieces of the belt.
Now, you might think; 'what if I need to use the belt; then its unraveled and gone.'  Fortunately, Survivor Geek will remake the belt at no charge if you share your story with them; and if you want to take it apart 'just because,' then they will remake it for half the amount of the belt.