Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Name Game - 33 weeks pregnant

One thing that I wanted to discuss in this blog is what I call The Name Game.   Deciding on a name for your child, deciding whether to tell people the names you are thinking of, or keep them secret; or taking it to the other end of the spectrum and choosing a name while baby is in utero then calling the baby that name until they are born and creating a personality around the name you have already chosen.   Somewhere in the middle of keeping names a secret, and deciding a name right away are those folks who wait until baby is born and you meet them before choosing a name that suits them.  I guess I will start by saying we are the former of those choices; I don't know what I will choose to name this little one until I meet him or her, maybe she does look like those names I keep tossing around in my head, but maybe she/he does not?  So, I am going with the 'roll with it' philosophy and we will choose a name when we meet this little stranger.