Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Photo Sessions for the Denver area!

I am excited to offer photography sessions for the Denver metro area!  

We all know that a good photo is priceless, and long gone is the day when we step into the portrait studio with fake backgrounds; instead taking photos at a favorite outdoor location, or in your home are much more memorable and intimate.   Photography sessions should be fun, and when they are; the greatest moments can be captured digitally and remembered forever.  
Check out my pricing options below; I like to keep it simple:  Book a session and receive a CD and digital copies of your edited photo session with rights to print them as you'd like. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Am I hearing things? I think I am....

Can you hear her crying?  I can!
Ever since we had Magnolia and brought this little bundle joy home, I've heard a baby crying.  Lots of it. 
Magnolia cries a lot, or at least she did until 6 months of age; but even when she's not actually crying, I can still hear her.  Do other mom's have this?   There are days where I can barely get the crying out of my head and I wonder; am I going a little crazy?   Am I going to hear phantom baby cries for the rest of my life? 

Not only do I hear her cry, but I hear her laugh, I hear the musical toys playing and I hear her squealing.  The other night, her musical toy kept playing over and over as I sat downstairs as I was relaxing on the couch, and I couldn't understand why my husband was not turning to toy off, surely it was annoying him too?!  Finally, I went upstairs and quickly realized, there is no toy playing music, I'm just hearing things again. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Monthly Milestone Photos

A few months ago I found this idea from a blogger on pinterest; take a good photo of your child and add all of their monthly milestones to it!  I loved the idea, mostly because it's easy and fun to make.  I found the idea when Magnolia was 4 months old, and created a photo for each month, even though it was hard to find photos that offered space to type.  For her 6 month birthday I did a photo shoot (basically dressed her in something cute and took a bunch of photos), chose one that I liked that offered space to type, and then waited until the end of the month to fill it in.  Magnolia will be turning 7 months old on the 5th (where did the time go?) and I'll do another photo shoot for her pretty soon.  I hope to create a frame for all of the photos, maybe for a year, or maybe longer; we'll see...