Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy belated Birthday to ME

Yesterday Heather and Josh had planned a surprise birthday party for me! Josh happened to slice his hand open on my actual birthday and we had to spend the evening in the urgent care center. (we have been in these a lot lately).
And no-one was really around on my birthday either! Mary had just given birth, Jess wasn't here yet, Josh had schoolwork and other house duties that needed to be done, and Megan had just moved to Ohio. So it was fun to have the whole group together. Most of them anyway.
Heather had orchestrated a roos to get me out of the house to help her study medical terminology at Barnes and Noble. We did this for not very long, and then Heather was like, why dont we just go to lunch and get a beer...which we did. Then Russell was there when we arrived and I was pretty surprised to see him...but I didnt know what was going on until Josh and Jess showed up with happy birthday balloons, Heather pulled out a cake, and Mary & Jeff with baby Elena walked in, then Laura and David came shortly after.
Mary got me the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook that I have been drooling over. I had borrowed hers a couple of weeks ago and Loved it! There are lots of pictures and helpful hints in it :) yay! thanks Mary!

It was a great surprise and makes me very thankful for the good friends I have!!

In other news, Josh is on day 4 of this nasty cold. He is sooo sick, sore throat, runny/congested nose, and of course a little grumpy. lol. He had to call into work today, he just felt so nasty, often I will look over at him sitting watching TV and he is just staring off into space. Poor guy. I hope I don't get it!!! I hate being sick, and Peg comes on Thursday and I don't want to be sick when she is here!

Olshan the Foundation fixing company was supposed to come today and start re-work again. They are taking the drain out THAT THEY JUST PUT IN LAST WEEKEND b/c it doesn't drain right, and they need to fix their braces on that side of the house. Then supposedly the recommendation was to excavate externally, seal the whole wall and put an external drain. To "do this right, finally". Apparently Josh says they have only been here 7 times. Not the original 30 times I had suggested. i think 7 seems WAY too low, i remember them here at least 2 times in the first year, I cant think of at least 7 times, and I am sure I am missing some. It has been over 3 years!!!! I just want this job done right!!!!!
And if we don't hear from them today, i am going to be sooo mad!

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