Monday, August 24, 2009

Komen Race 11/2/08

I can't believe it's been 1 month since I have posted here!!!  This month has been as busy as it gets!  Josh's mom Peg came and stayed in the beginning of the month for a good long week, then we went on our anniversary trip!  
  It was great to have her here, I just wish the bedroom downstairs was not torn up so she had a more comfortable place to stay.  The foundation people, of course, couldn't get the walls fixed in 3 weeks (like they promised they would!!! argh) so she slept in a room without 2 walls, and drywall laying everywhere and drywall dust too!  Boy did I feel bad for her, but she said she didn't, I guess thats ok?!?   We had a full week of activities planned, the Komen race for the Cure, hiking and going into the mountains, going to Coors, and Coyote Ugly.  And of course lots more!

Here are Peg and I at the start of the Komen Race.  The pink scarves were given to us from my work.  I thought that was cool! 

Here is the start of the race, you can see that people are walking in front of us for a loooonnnnngg way!!!  The Komen race in Denver attracts over 70,000 people and is the largest walk in the nation.  woo hoo!

Here you can see all the people walking on the entrance ramp to I-25.  I love this part of the walk!  It's so awesome to see all the people who are also walking. 

Here is Peg under her Survivor Sign.  11-20 Years survival from Breast Cancer.  YEA!  How awesome is that.  Seeing all the women there, and how everyone is touched by this disease makes me feel like my job is sooo important.  Sometimes work is boring and long and I dont want to be there...but I know that i am making a difference each day.  Cancer research is one of the most important parts of finding a cure, and collecting and analyzing the data is too.  It's great to be a part of the cure for all of these women and their families.  (Same for all the other cancer out there, not just breast :)

Here is the 3 Sisters Trail in Evergreen, CO at Sunset.  We had a nice little hike through the woods, then climbed the rocks and had a beautiful view of the autumn colors and beautiful mountains and sunset! 

More pics of the 3 sisters trail. 

Apparently, I do not have that many pics of Peg's visit, or they never got downloaded into the correct spot?  Peg, send me some of your pics!  The Coors pics and some of the other cute ones, so I can post them!!!

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