Monday, August 24, 2009

Long time, no post, 4/12/08

I have been pretty busy sewing, and avoiding the basement.  lol/  Well, not really...we just got a little burnt out.  Today, Josh is working overtime, and I am going to finish sewing this dress, then hopefully I will head down to the basement and get some work done.  Or, I could make something else. hmm. 
Tomorrow, we are going skiing.  The last of the season, and the first time this season for me....since the hurting of the back.  It's feeling pretty good now, we will see after I ski!  ...

WE watched INTO THE WILD last night.  HAve you seen that movie?  It was really good!  I love John Krakhaur, (sp, sorry) and I am sure the book is really good...I did the movie first this time.  
HEre is the movie spoiler, so if you dont want to know....dont read the next paragraph an djust scroll down to see the pics :). 

~ ***~

I cant believe he ate the wrong plants and died!?  Did he REALY eat the wrong plant?  or was that speculation?  or for real?  Man, shitty way to die.  I was sad.  good movie though! 

I put out a new batch of clothes recently.  I am particurlarly proud of this WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER skirt.

Lots of work went into this skirt....isnt it beautiful!!


I love the apron top, with the flowers growing up from the bottom.  It also has a frayed edge.  
The purple dress is smocked on top, very cute, and great for spring!  Large lotus flower on the side.  
I am taking custom orders for smocked dresses, contact me if your interested!!


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