Monday, August 24, 2009

May 26, 2008, more basement work done

 It seems like forever since we began work on our basement.  And it seems like every single thing that we do takes 5 times longer than it should.  Like tonight, for instance.  The toilet; it was supposed to be "a piece of cake"  per Josh...8 hours later...we still have no toilet in.  The problem is that the concrete is lower in the area that we are putting the toilet (its a basement, they say, and this is how it is)  So we need to get a piece that goes onto the ground, and lifts up toward the toilet.  Josh went to home depot 5 times today!!!  Back and forth, getting new parts.  Then the medicine cabinet and mirror didnt fit, it was too tall for the space between the plugs and vanity light.  By 2 inches.  I didnt measure it.  Duh!  So there is no vanity that is "short" enough to fit into that space (ideally the outlet plugs should have gone lower).  So we had to buy a beveled mirror and will put it in sideways, so its 24" tall and 36" wide.  We will have to get a small wall cabinet to put to the left of the vanity.  
The tile did go in this weekend, it looks SOOO nice! I love it!

The bedroom is pretty much finished, (we have no ceiling or perminant carpet) but I like the paint looks dreary in the dark though.  I think it needs another light or lamp in there.  I plan on buying one tomorrow.  Along with bathroom towels and a shower curtain and bath mat.  I sure hope we get this done by wednesday evening when we will have company.  Our friend Geri is coming to visit (yay) and i want it to be "finished" by then, and feel somewhat comfy for her.  For everyone.

As for the ceiling.  Josh's friend told him about putting barn siding on the ceiling in the basement.  It would be easy, you just screw it into the rafters, we believe it will be up to code, since all it has to be is removable (hence why we cannot drywall) and I personally think it will look really cool!!  Thoughts on this???  Resale value might be a problem??  But to me, its way better than having that drop ceiling you see in schools and such....the "nice" drop ceiling is $5 per TILE which is like 2.5 x2.5 feet, so it would cost thousands to do that.  The crappy drop ceiling is still $2 per tile, so its still a bunch of money!!!

Here is the toilet giving us problems.  I dont know if you can see the bottom, but the attaching piece is pretty low, and its hard to get a seal. 

Here is the vanity, minus mirror which doesnt fit..minus sink, which was supposed to get done today, but the 8 hour toilet has taken over our time.  The vanity lights look nice!  What do you think of the color??

The door (one of the doors) this goes out in the hallway.  IT took a long time to put up the doors too, but we are getting better at it, by door #2.  WE still have 1 more to hang.  
Notice the tile, which was project #1 this weekend.  Joe came and helped us with that (THANKS!!!) and it looks SOOO nice!!!!!  I love love love the tile, its my favorite part of the bathroom!

Here is the bed in the bedroom.  The walls just look white, but they are a honey color.  Much more bright in the daytime, or better light.  It really is a warm color, but you cant tell here. WE really need a new bedspread and lighter colored furniture, but thats for another time.  

Again, looks a little dark and dreary...but its really not :)
The computer desk set up, the $1 TV we got at a garage sale yesterday...didnt know it was black and white, lolo.  It will be mounted on the wall eventually.  

The $10 very nice dresser bought at a garage sale yesterday (we got a rocking chair too for $10, and a free iron, clothes, and something else...?) it was the perfect nightstand.  

I am so soo sad to give away "the chair"  it went through college with Uncle Tim and Doug...then went to Doug and Jennifers house, then went to college with me....It was THE ONLY piece of furniture Josh and I moved to colorado with!!! Seriously!!! We had this chair and a kitchen table.  We used to sit in it together, for months and months!!!  Then it moved to 3 houses with us...finally it sat in our basement for the last year.  We got it out yesterday, and i just said "its time"  so, with a sad heart, we put a FREE sign on it, and it was taken last night.  :(  I already miss her...but she still lives on!  With someone new!

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