Monday, August 24, 2009

New job = stress

After 4 weeks of work, my new job is going alright.  I like my one of my coworkers a lot and my boss is really great.  But my other coworker is pretty...well...slow to warm, shall we say.  and she seems annoyed that i am there...*sigh....This job attracts a particular type of person, of which I am not...I am trying to be hopeful. put it all kindly. 

That, coupled with Josh's attitude while in school...especially near the end of school (stressed, quick to get mad, snippy, and he doesn't sleep well)...has made my last few weeks really...cruddy and stressful for ME.   Plus I am home most nights until 9-10pm by myself.    Today josh managed to leave the coffee cup on the top of his car and then drive away with it on there, loose both his keys and his co-workers keys, lost his rough draft paper on the computer (got it back), had to go to the dentist for a toothache, and spent a lot of after work time looking for keys and not studying.   Poor guy.  He is rushing doing everything and this happens at the end of each semester.  However, this semester it didn't shock me and I was ready for it.  Until josh started school, I had not seen him really stressed at all, even before our wedding.   It took 6 years.  But he wants to go to school, is really  motivated to do really good (all A's so far) and says he enjoys it when you ask him, so thats good.   I just wish it were less stressful for him and us...though, the basement room for him to do homework in does help a lot!

Even though the new job and Josh plus house projects have been overwhelming, I don't feel too stressed about it all.  I have felt more grounded lately and less anxious about things, maybe just forcing myself to get into the right mental frame of mind has helped.  It makes the bad stuff easier to deal with.  But I was just really hoping to have a fun job where I liked my coworkers again.  Maybe I was just blessed for so many years with good coworkers. 

Anyhoo, on another note, i wanted to post some of the cute pics from Josh's trip back to Michigan for his Uncle Rick's memorial. 

Alex, Josh, then Aleecia on joshs lap and Amy.
Josh, Amy and Aleecia have these huge smile....and then there is Alex...  Is it uncool to smile at 13?  I forget?  He is very cool though...:)  Or Maybe taking after uncle Josh...?
  They all sure look cute though and I love how Aleecia is cracking up in this pic!

Marie on the trampoline.  Look at those chubby cheeks!  SO cute!

Playing Wii.  There was a lot of Wii playing over the weekend!

I dont know what is so funny, but something cracked these 2 up.  Brian (josh's best man in our wedding) and his daughter Rachel with the long brown hair.  And little Aleecia. 

Baby playtime!
Miranda and Ela are the mommies. And Maire and Aleecia are the babies.  (Not corresponding to the above mother.  )   Too cute.  I am putting a lot of baby pics on here

Biking to take the ashes to the cemetary.  One of those bike's is Uncle Rick's bike.  There were not enough bikes for everyone to go, so Josh stayed back (with the kids he said)

Jack (Phil's middle son) Blowing bubbles in the wind, this photo turned out great!  I love it!

I love the look of a baby before they are going to cry.  Its caught in time perfectly.
These are Phil and Ela's kids.  Emma, Jack, and Marie.  Josh and I loved to have Emma around when they lived in Colorado, she would be even more fun now, she is a great kid!  They had just found out they were pregnant with Jack when they moved there are 3 of them!

As I go through this film of pics, I dont see Peg in any of them, or many adults for that matter.  Unless they were holding a kid of course.....  Can you tell my husband
1. likes kids  2. loves his nieces and nephews ??  lol


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