Monday, August 24, 2009

Shopping! May 30, 2009

Today I had to go shopping to get some more beading supplies and some fabric for some custom orders.  I found this cool new bead shop called Red and Green Gems in Lakewood, CO.   They had tons of great stones, tumbled, semi precious, gems, etc, etc.  They drilled some holes in rocks for me, which was great, ...but it was kinda expensive. at $6 per hole!  But the stones were reasonably priced and they had a lot of variety.  
The last time I went to my regular gem shop, they were out of sterling silver earring hooks...and this new place didnt have any either!  Grrr.  I looked at another craft store for them and still didnt find any?!?  Why is that so hard.  I never did get the fabric I needed....I couldnt make a decision...geez.
Josh and I then went to JCPenneys, since I needed more work clothes.  I was able to get a few things...but the highlight of the day was noticing a pet store right outside of penneys, and we spent probably 1.5 hours in there looking at and holding puppies~!!  They had tons of puppies, probably about 50, I would say!  They are all purebred, which is not necessarially our taste, but they sure were cute!  though, I think going to the "pound" and getting a puppy is the better way to go   But they sure were cute!!!!
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