Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finally, some new items and good news!

It's been a while, but I finally have some new items up for grabs on With more to come soon :) Including three pairs of pants, two are made of some new hemp that I just got, the other pair are a patchwork sidepanel pair made from recycled jeans. I am excited to post them! But the next week is very busy for us....Josh FINALLY got a new job! This economy has been rough, but after nearly 1 year of searching, he has gotten a good, full time job! He starts next Monday!
Also next weekend our friends get married, and we have guests flying in from out of town. It should be fun! But I am not sure if I will get the pants done...we'll see.

New hats made by Christina! Awesome, fleece hats, great for the fall and winter weather
and so cute and stylish!!! I love this brown hat with the ruffly flower. She also has this super cute purple fleece butterfly hat available, a striped corduroy hat and more!

Also, Saraa from Hemp Love is back making jewelry for the site! She makes awesome hemp necklaces and bracelets ~ they are unique and stylish.

She has several different styles of jewelry all made from hemp and they range in price from just $15 bucks to $35.

Check out all the new items at

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