Sunday, November 22, 2009

~* Knitted a Dog Sweater *~

This weekend I decided to start knitting again! I go in spurts with knitting. Lately, all I use is the Knifty Knitter Loom to knit anything. For me, I just find it much easier, I can stop at any given point in my row and don't worry about my rows unwinding. Also, it ensures that each stitch is even and exact, which is something, I admittedly have trouble with. You can find the loom at any of your local craft stores, I recommend if you are going to get just one loom to get a long loom (as opposed to a circular loom), the reason being you can knit in a circle WITH the long loom, as well as other things. It gives you the most options with just 1 loom.
Our new dog Belle shivers throughout the day and already the winter here has been harsh, so instead of turning up the heat, I decided to knit her a sweater. This is my first try at the dog sweater on the loom, but I think it turned out pretty well. I used the smallest size loom and I could have used the next size up, I also should have made it a little longer. I am in the process of making another one for her.
When I got to the legs, I had a hard time figuring out what to do. Measuring my dog and deciding where the legs would go. Then you skip one peg on either side for the leg openings. Next you gradually decrease so that there are 3 open pegs on either side by taking the thread off two pegs, looping one thread through the loop of the second thread, and the put them both back onto one peg. You continue this until 3 pegs on either side are open for the dogs legs. Knit a few rows for the width of the legs, I knitted about 4 rows. Then you need to increase the thread back onto the pegs gradually and finish off your dog sweater. This website has great directions for increasing and decreasing, plus free loom patters.
I plan on making Belle another one that fits her a little better. I am open to taking custom orders for this design too, so just contact me if you are interested!

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