Monday, December 7, 2009

Fabric Flower Hair Accessories

New Item at! Fabric flowers hair accessories.
Ever since I decided to grow my hair out, I have been in the mood to create hair accessories and I *love* the way these turned out.
I comically learned the "right" way to make these hair accessories, when I had the idea one night to start hot gluing random items to bobby pins. But they didn't seem to stick on properly. I knew I had to be doing something wrong, there had to be a certain type of bobby pin I needed to use, right? Then I remembered one of my friends, Kelly of Kreated By Kelly (check out her awesome shop here!) makes hair accessories and I knew she would have the answer. I sent her an email and quickly received one back from her, I needed to use a bobby pin with a metal gluing pad on the black. Duh! I knew it was going to be something silly. I asked her for her recommendation and she suggested Thunder Rock Alley 21(find her shop here, and I bought lots of supplies all were great!). Quickly I ordered my supplies from her and received them last week.

Finally, this weekend I had the time to start creating my fabric flowers and hair accessories. I decided to google "how to make a fabric flower" for some ideas, even though I had some of my own on how to make them. I found an article (click here)which I thought was great despite the relatively low rating on It gave me some additional suggestions and I started cutting.

After several hours I had made 5 wearable and sell able sets of flowers. They all are attached to a nickel free metal bobby pin, and have a bead centerpiece. Very cute! I have several available in my etsy shop (here) and on my website (here).

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