Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home for the Holidays

MMMM, Christmas cookies!!!
I did a lot of trees, my favorite, its my Christmas forest!!
At the last minute Josh and I were able to get tickets home for Christmas!! Both of our parents gave us some money to fund the ridiculously expensive flight home and with their donations we were able make it work!
Fortunately, we have some great friends who will dog sit for us this Christmas; we have watched their dogs many times over the holidays when we stayed here, its always been fun to add a "guest" to the mix on Christmas, fortunately they are staying here this year.
Rock can tell something is up since the suitcase is in the living room, and she is acting weird. Plus they both got much needed baths yesterday and that always keys her in that she is going to be left somewhere.
We will be leaving bright and sunny Colorado for cold Michigan winter weather; but at least it
will be festive and a white Christmas :) I think the storms are over in the Midwest and I hope our plane lands on time. At least its a direct flight.
We will be surprising my grandparents this Christmas, and maybe some other family who doesn't have facebook and I cannot wait to see their reactions!!! I miss my grandparents SO much and am so grateful they are still happy and healthy at their age.

We are praying for a safe, healthy and fun trip home :)
Happy Holidays!

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