Friday, February 26, 2010


I am so very excited for my last day of work!  I keep singing songs in my head like Aritha's  "freedom!" and I keep smiling to myself.  I am looking forward to this afternoon when my friends and I are going out for HAPPY Hour at Meade Street Station in The Highlands to celebrate!  It's like something that I never thought would happen, finally coming into fruition. 
Plus, I was accepted to The Highlands Farmers Market this summer in a once per month slot which is not as often as I would like to be there, but it's a start.  Here is the info.  PLEASE put the dates on your calender and come out and support me! 

Highlands Farmers Market; 1500 block of Boulder Street in Denver
June 19th
July 16th
August 13th
September 10th
October 1st

Now that I have been accepted to the market I am sewing like mad to stock up my inventory and make sure I have enough for the summer season.  But I am a little nervous too; I have not had great luck selling locally, and am remembering the disasterous time I shared a tent
at the Wild West Days in Littleton.  I am praying this experience will be lots better.  I hope that my unique style and one of a kind items really impress the buyers at the market, but you never know what people are interested in buying.  I am just hopeful that my stuff does impress :)
Anyone interested in happy hour this evening should meet us at Meade Street around 5pm to celebrate! 

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