Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sewing Room is Clean and inspirational!

I spent hours cleaning out my sewing room these past few weekends!  Getting rid of old fabric that I will probably never use (recycling it, of course) and organizing all of the crafts into baskets and boxes so they are together with other like items.      
To help me stay organized we bought some new plastic bins for fabric that will help me see what I actually HAVE.   And my favorite piece of the new sewing room, new SHELVES!  I am now able to put all of my crafts in their own box or basked and put them on the shelf!  I would like to get baskets for everything, instead of ugly boxes, but for now, this will do.   I am really glad to have it organized and ready for use!  
The clean room has proved to be very inspirational!  I spent all day Sunday and Monday sewing and sewing and sewing; it's great to be making clothing again.  I finished three new skirts and solidified two of my new skirt styles; The Aspen Skirt and The Evergreen Skirt.  
Here is a sneak peek of The Aspen Skirt in Corduroy "Winter Goddess"  inspired by the beautiful, but long, snowstorm Denver has gotten in the past week.  The Aspen Skirt is cut A-Line to fit just below the knees, the front panel lays flat, and there is a drawstring in the back which gathers the back two panels for a fitted look in front and a gathered look in back.  Very flattering!  
The Winter Goddess Aspen Skirt has funky snowflakes appliqued along the side, a corduroy pocket with embroidery and a hand braided yarn drawstring.  If you are interested in this skirt or one like it,  message me.  This and many others in my new *collection* will be posted at hip-threads.com soon~

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