Thursday, March 11, 2010

New 2010 Collection, buy handmade and pass it on!

I am really excited to bring you my new winter/spring 2010 clothing collection.  Lots of new skirts in fun new styles inspired by Colorado.   I have been hard at work stitchin' these new skirts and this beautiful winter goddess hemp dress!  Plus, I have a couple pairs of pants and more items coming soon. 

My prices have been marked way down to accomidate the struggling economy.  My hope for this low pricing. is to allow people to buy beautiful handmade clothes from an independent artist, rather than going to a store and buying things cheaply made overseas.   Even though my items are slightly more expensive than storebought items, they are made with lots and lots of love and care :)  Buy handmade and support independent artists!!!  Pass this message on to your friends too! 

I am posting my items in my etsy shop while my friend Jim builds my new website for me.  It will still be, but it will look very different.  After so many years with the same website, its definitely time for a change, even though I appreciate the hard work and love that went into my original site.  (thank you Heather)
I cannot wait for the new site to be up and ready...I hope it will happen soon! 

In the last couple of weeks, I have had lots of new ideas for appliques, maybe it was taking the trip to the zoo with Josh last week...but I have been really excited to applique some animals!  I love foxes, mostly because there are many that live near us, and they are so cute and their little babies are the cutest!  I am going to try to do a fox applique soon, I also want to do a deer or fawn...we'll see how they turn out :) 

The palm tree skirt above is my new style of skirt, called the Willow skirt.  This skirt is a wrap skirt with two buttons on either side of the wrap, making the skirt reversible.  The skirt above can be worn with the palm tree in front, or just plain fabric in front.  The skirt is super comfy and great to wear to work with a pair of tights or to your summer concerts! 
I love this style!  They are sooo comfy and I plan on wearing my reversible Willow wrap skirt this summer. 

Message me if you are interested in any of the above items!