Monday, March 22, 2010

Sick all week and taking Rock to the vet.

I came down with a cold last Sunday and it has unfortunately stuck around for the past week.  boo!  The coughing all night and then sleeping all morning has really messed up my schedule, though it's nice to not have to wake up for a "day job."  
It's also nice to have a flexible schedule when you or someone in your family is sick, including your dog.  Poor Rock dog has been limping off and on for the last two weeks, so we took her to the vet this week and she has a sprained leg.  We are supposed to rest her for a week, i.e, no hiking, running or walking.  With that restriction, I decided it was time to hike Roxborough State Park, which does not allow dogs, just southwest of Littleton, Colorado.  You can check out my hike here.   
 Now,  I could have hiked with our other dog Belle, but that would be even worse for poor Rock, watching us leave on a hike without her.  So I thought it was more fair to leave them both.  Roxborough has a 7,000 foot peak that I have wanted to hike for a long time, but having dogs, I have never visited's not as fun without them, of course!  Even though I had this nasty cold, I figured I'd be ok, I took some dayquil and started out on the 6.4 mile hike.  Even though I felt great on the hike, it didn't cure my cold and I am still feeling miserable a week later.   The licorice and slippery elm tea is helping suppress my cough tonight and I hope it lasts so that I can actually get some sleep.  
I did create a couple of new items, though the skirt above is the only item that I have photos of right now.  The skirt above is a Willow wrap skirt with two buttons making the skirt reversible, so that it can be worn with the applique in front or plain corduroy.  Great for the office or a concert!  I do take custom orders for this item if you are interested message me!  

To the right is a photo of the quilted mountain scene on the hemp winter goddess dress available on my website

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