Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day should be everyday!

Earth Day should be everyday; we love our mothers everyday, we respect them and we should treat our earth the same way.   Like many clothing artists, I use eco-friendly materials whenever possible for my items.  All of the clothing in my newest collection was made by recycled, vintage or organic fabric. 

The recycled and vintage fabric came from a sweet old lady who I met that volunteers in the hospital.  After talking for some time I told her that I loved to sew and had a business where I sold clothing items online, a few days later she brought me bags and bags of fabric!  Tons of it!  She is also a volunteer at thrift stores and they cannot sell all the fabric they receive, she collects it and uses it herself, or gives it to friends.  I was very thankful, much of this collection is made from fabric given to me by Lois. 
The skirt above is made from vintage cotton stretch fabric with classic flowers and a drawstring waistband.  Both tops are also made from vintage fabrics; the purple top on the left is a stretch knit with removable broach, top on right can be found in my etsy shop here.
This spring collection was modeled by my sweet girlfriends~ we do girls knitting night every Wednesday and between knitting, chatting and eating we took lots and lots of photos!  Each gal channeled their inner model and gave me their best ANTM poses (Americas Next Top Model).  Heather and Jillian the baby are a mother and daughter modeling duo; Heather in size medium brown bear summer skirt, Jillian wearing toddler corduroy apple skirt. 

Above is a cute scoop neck striped tank top modeled by Kelly and Jess.  This tank is a size medium, and looks great with jeans and cute shoes, or with a skirt and flip flops in the warm weather. 

The skirt above is made from a teal quilters cotton that I found in a cute little fabric store in Salida, Co.  Heather and Jess are both wearing the skirt comfortably; the skirt is cut A-line for a flattering fit that looks great on lots of figures! 

This cute cotton skirt is sweet and simple!  The bright blue skirt is sky blue with two cute little daisies on the side.   This is a size small, and great for summer! 

Baby Jilli is modeling a super cute apple corduroy toddler skirt, you can find more info here.

All items above are $42 or less, message me if you are interested in anything or check out one of my websites. 

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