Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's been too long!

The spring just flew by and farmers market season is nearly upon us!  Eep!  I am *not* ready!  Despite the countless hours of sewing, beading, cardmaking, etc...I still am not done creating items nor have I bought everything needed to display my items.  (clothing rack, tables, hangers)  This is causing me to stress out just a little bit :)  I really need a helper, and have asked some friends for assistance; last week I made cards with the girls and next week I am making necklaces with Heather.  
Next week I really need to gather everything together and set up a display, see what I have and need.  Hopefully this will help me feel more organized!  I am also hoping to have a new website published before the farmers market; my friend Jim is making it for me.  I am really grateful for his help, and I really hope it gets done before the market starts.  
However, in all of my stress, I am still a lot happier doing what I love each day rather than going into an office.  I still get a little excited and giddy when Sunday night comes; and I think, "I don't have to fret about Monday, because I don't have to go to work tomorrow." It's a great feeling.  
This weekend I had been hoping to go camping and get away from all the stress and work for a few days.  Unfortunately, Josh has come down with a really, really nasty cold and it's not looking promising to leave tomorrow like we had planned.  Maybe we can shoot for Saturday morning.  
Happy Memorial Weekend and Summer Solstice! 

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