Sunday, June 13, 2010

My weekly thrift store finds

The Denver Farmers Market starts next weekend and I have been in need of supplies to display my items.  This week, while looking for a display for my earrings, I found a huge bag of great vintage fabrics for just $2.99.
Many of the fabrics are really unique and like none I have ever seen before; there is a blue fabric with mermaids; several vintage black and white fabrics with people playing on them; lots of cotton fabrics in shades of red, which I need, and several yards of a vintage fruit and patchwork fabric shown in photo below.  This is quite a good find, and I have already used several of the fabrics in my wall hangings.  I did find an earring display; a bamboo tray (in photo above) that Josh added twisting back legs to it, so I can put the earrings on either the front or back of the tray.  I just need a couple more things to make the table 3D and a little more unique. 

Next Saturday is the market and I still have so many things to do, I am starting to wonder if I will get everything done in time.  And worry if it will all be worth all the hard work.  I sure hope so!  I can only think of the last market I sold at, several years ago which turned into a huge disaster.  But I am trying to think good thoughts and maybe the best will happen!  This weekend it rained the entire weekend, so hopefully next weekend it will be nice and people will be ready to get outside and shop after a weekend inside.  :)

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