Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jewelry, Jewelry, jewelry!

I have been really loving to make jewelry lately, the instant gratification of a finished product in a short time, (compared to making clothing) with beautifully colored gemstones is very satisfying.  Earrings are also really fun to make and can be made very quickly; I could bead for hours, and often get all the beads out and sit at my table with a computer loaded full of old movies and I bead, bead, bead!  Here are some of my newest items!

The necklace above is made from feldspar, agate, citrine and the pendent is painted shell.  This is a longer necklace and a real eye catching piece.  Find out more about it here.

One of my new favorite stones for purely visual reasons is this dyed magnesite.  It's a man made stone which can be dyed easily,it's unique cracks with the contrasting dye create really fun and colorful beads!  I was able to make all the necklaces for my sister's wedding with a particular pink color of magnesite.    Each necklace was unique and the colors matched the dresses perfectly!

This pendent necklace is sure to get you some compliments!  This beautiful green centerpiece is emerald jasper, paired with stunning white shell beads, silver metal, and picture jasper oval beads.  You can find more info here.

The hand blown glass pendent below reminds me of the blue of Lake Michigan in the morning.  I love the water and it's one thing I miss in Colorado.  This blown glass pendent is very unique and it's paired with sodalite which brings inner peace and glass seed beads.

You can find these and lots more on my website.

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