Thursday, December 30, 2010

Art Expression in Photography

It has been 8 months since I quit my full time job, and 2 months since I haven't had contract work and I am solely relying on income from my business to support our lifestyle.  Not having any other job has really made me focus on running a business solely and it has really shown me my major fault.  Time Management.  I have a hard time balancing sewing, crocheting, custom orders, orders for my site, computer time to add items to etsy, website, artfire, and promote, as well as daily duties regarding the house, cleaning, cooking, etc.   And last week, I realized that I *have* to set time aside each week for a solo hike and photography session.  It's one thing that I love to do by myself and with the dogs, it brings me peace and meditation.  Below are a few of my photos from the last 2 weeks.  They are available for sale in my etsy shop here.

Left:  Solo tree on the cliff, reminds me of myself a solo hiker on a trail :)

Right:  Belle politely waiting for me at the top of the stairs at our neighborhood park

Cactus and burning bush, well, that's what it looks like to me anyway.  Colorado is famous for it's earthy subdued tones, so to see a red tree or bush is exciting!

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