Sunday, July 15, 2012

Down by the Tracks, Photo Shoot Hillsdale, Michigan

While in Michigan, I got to do a family photo shoot with my sister in law who is also a photographer, Magnolia, cousin Amy, cousin Aleecia, Josh and I, Nena (gramma) and some friends Brian and Rachel.   We had a great time and got a ton of great shots, I have added several of my favorites here.  The light was just perfect for the shots, if only Magnolia could be as interested in the camera as our niece Aleecia is.  

The sun was setting and it was just cool enough to be bearable as we set up our props and started snapping shots.  Even the animals were interested in what we were doing and they came out to check us out, a mother deer with her two fawns complete with spots, a baby squirrel and another deer from the other side of the tracks popped out to say 'hi.'  It was a beautiful sight and made for great photos and memories. 



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