Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Christmas pics

I found the pics! They were in a folder on the harddive titled "Christmas pics" apparently I didnt see that before until the desktop got cleaned up last night. lol
I'd like to share a few of my favorites!

Jen, Amy, Amy's knitting, Aleecia, and Tinker the dog. A full couch!

4 Generations, Peg, Gramma Mary holding Aleecia, & Miranda! On Christmas Eve at the Mason's house for the family Christams

Josh holding Aleecia, how cute! I love that Smile :)

The Maher Christmas at Erin & Mark's house. Here are the boys, Mark Greg, Dad and Rob smiling for the camera! I really like this photo a lot.

Dancing Chris! With a beer in her hand! haha! Another of my favorite photos! What happened to the antlers though?

Laura and Cody at the Maher christmas. In the background you can see Aunt Chris's antlers.

Dad Sleeps. He can sleep anywhere! Maher Christmas, sitting on the couch, sleepin'..

The Rainey Family Christmas, and the beautifully decorated table and Tree!
I love the log cabin, so cozy.

Doug and Josh. I like this pic a lot too!

Josh and Grandpa.

Josh's Step dad Steve and his family!

We didn't take many pictures this year, and the trip flew by, as usual. We had a very merry Christmas, 2007!

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