Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Working for the weekend!

I really am a workin for the weekend gal, i really think. Its in my thoughts all the time, not that I dont like my job...I like what i do, but I think the obligation in general always bothers me. Being obligated to work for "da man" or whatever.

Tomorrow we are having a party, our friend Joe is leaving to work in New Zealand (did i spell that right?) ....again...for a few months. It must be nice to travel like that, but I don't know if I would continually want to be in and out of the country for months at end. I guess you could have 2 lives, and sets of friends...that might be fun. Joe is a single guy, and its fairly easy for him to leave the country, no pets either. But if you were married, or even had a dog, what would you do? I would hope you could fly your dog with you. We are also having a party b/c Josh bought a 20 lb turkey, at thanksgiving, cause it was on SALE....20 lbs!!! what are we going to do with a 20 lb turkey? So we are having a party, thats what! But, its a good excuse to have people over.
Last night we cleaned up the basement, laid out carpet squares (free un-used carpet from joshs work, its marroon, but will work for now) and set up the basement furniture....Uncle Tim & Dougs yellow-ish chair, our old tables, and camping chairs. ITs like a little room down there!!! We plan on having Josh's brother Shawn come out in March, and he and josh are going to finish the basement in 10 days hopefully. We think it can be done. WE will be buying bathroom stuff, plumbing, 2x4's, drywall, etc...here real soon...it all has to be here before Shawn gets here. We ordered the windows, and they will be in next week. We will put those in soon too.
YAY! WE will have REAL SPACE downstairs REALLLLY SOOON now! I am very glad.

Alrighty, I gotta go clean the guts out of this turkey. I keep procrastinating.

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