Monday, August 24, 2009

Girls weekend!!!

Last week we had our first visitor for the new bedroom and bathroom, our friend Geri who lives in NY.  Though, she loves Colorado, and I think (hope:) we will see her back here sometime next year !!!
When Geri comes into town, it makes for an official "girls" weekend.  I have always spoke of my knitting group, the girls and I get together every Wed for food, beers, KNITTING, and of course talking talking talking!   But a couple of years ago Megan moved to the springs, and doesnt come much anymore, then shortly after Geri left.   So, getting all the girls together again is quite an occasion! 

It was a really great weekend, Geri came late Wednesday night, and I worked a half day Thurs & Friday, and I had Monday off (the benefit of working only 32 hours).  Thursday we went out for dinner with Mary, Geri, Josh, and I.  We went to Baker Street, one of our favorite restuaurants and sat outside.  

Friday the we went to Coors!!!
Megan was late and she had to sneak in.  Normally this would mean she had no way to get beer, b/c when they close the doors at 4:30 sharp, you CAN get UP to the bar, but you have no bracelet with your ID checked, and Coors will now not serve you without that bracelet.  Fortunately, our friend Mary, who is pregnant, had her bracelet for Megan.  Then another girl, upon leaving Coors named Samantha, left us her bracelet, with 2 punches on it.  That was nice of you Samantha, thanks!  So, Megan, who was late, was able to drink some beers!  
Later that evening we went back to my house for "knitters Christmas".  We drew names for handmade gifts, and kind of kept pushing Christmas back....until we were all together, which ended up being june.  Some of us had forgotten who we drew, so Josh had to coordinate it all, since it was all very secretive.  
I will post gifts of my bag from Geri when I have a camera.  ITs in josh's car...since we use his work camera...
We all got gifts that really suited each person, it was really great! 

Saturday we had a baby shower for Mary.  We went to a nice lunch, gave her some great gifts :)  A pak and play, which she had on her list, and some other things.  I hope she had a nice time!  It was such a beautiful day, good friends, good food, scenery. 

Megan stayed the whole weekend, so we stayed up and talked Saturday night, Sunday we did a nice long hike.  

Girls at Coors.  Mary is hiding her cute belly :)  
Heather couldnt make it, then got stuck in really bad traffic :(

I just had to add this photo in, how do i always take good photos at Coors. (and nowhere else)

Geri takes really cute pics at coors too!

All the girls at Mary's baby shower.  

Geri and Megan at lunch...drinking their beers, with a big smile! 

Heather and Mary sitting on the deck at the BridgeWater.  Its right on Clear Creek in Golden.  

All in all it was a great weekend. It was very hard to go back to work on Tuesday...and say goodbye to Geri. 


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