Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturns Return

I am watching myself and my friends going through some major changes right now, its all been very shocking, difficult, and a turning point in my and their lives.  I thought this was some great info my friend Zee sent me.  If you are going through your Saturn Return, you will understand and this will make total sense to me.  Funny thing, my parents will be going through their 2nd return soon, I wonder what their effects (affects?) will be:  Below is my friend Zee's post to me. 

Saturn Return is an astrological term. It refers the time when Saturn returns to the position on the day you were born. Basically it takes 29 1/2 years to orbit around the sun. From about the ages of 28-30, 58-60, and 88-90 you experience all these major life
changes. Saturn makes you reevaluate your life.

I typed in Saturn Return in google and here's something I found:
As the Saturn return approaches, often our lives seem to speed up, as if hurrying to clear out old baggage from the past, to lighten the load for the next stage. Important things that either finalize old issues, or prepare the ground for new developments tend to
occur with increasing frequency. For those who are unprepared, this is often a time of severe suffering, as we struggle to understand the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that seem to be aimed squarely at our hearts. Indeed, relationships and major life-
decisions are all too often the focal points for this clearing out of karmic baggage.

Something else I found on a different site:
Sometimes we make life choices before we really know who we are. At the Saturn return, some of these choices are revealed to be out of sinq with our true destiny. And it's a big deal, since there may be marriages and whole careers up for review. The U.S. Census
reports a peak of divorces around age 30, when promises made in the blush of youth don't match the core of either person as they approach this turning point. On the other hand, Saturn may bring a fated relationship, that leads to a serious commitment with long-
term potential.

Important things to remember during your Saturn Return are:
1. The Return lasts three years or so from age 28-30. But the effects can be felt as early as 26 and last until 33 or 34.
2. Expect changes, changes, changes.
3. Listen to what Saturn is trying to teach you and apply that knowledge to difficult areas in your life.
4. If you don’t listen to Saturn now, the planet will kick you in the patoot during the next Saturn Return (age 56 or so). How would you like another go-around? I certainly wouldn’t!

Basically you'll began to question everything. Things will feel different to you. Things that used to feel one way will feel completely different. I read that if a relationship can survive a Saturn Return, then it's a relationship that will last. I also read that many
relationships end or begin at this time as well.
For me, everything is changing. I'm having to accept these changes whether I like to or not.

Have you heard about the Mayans prophecy of 2012? They predicted the end of a cycle in 2012. Lots of new age religion suggests a major energy shift. Supposedly our vibrations are increasing with everyone's focus on a better Earth, World Peace, and Green living.
This is what the Mayans say. Increased vibrations lead to an energy shift. An energy shift meaning everyone's thoughts and intentions are on positive and peaceful things. No more war. Supposedly according to some New Age spirituality, we are trying to match up
with people whose vibrations are the similar to our own. I do believe in the energy changing and shifting. And I believe we are effected by this energy change. I believe we are seeking out our partners and community and letting go of those who have taught us
lessons and we learned from them. Now it's time to move on.

Seems like so many people are breaking up. But eventually it's all for the better. Just like your friends, they're looking for ones that match them better (vibrationally).
(I know I sound hippie-dippie, but I keep an open mind always.)

So many of us are going through our Saturn Return right now. It's no coincidence. We're all meant to be here on this Earth at this time. We here to help the Earth. We here to make change happen.
I believe in Peace on Earth.

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