Monday, August 24, 2009

Green Mountain fire 8/4/08

This is taken at about 1 o'clock today, it started around 12:30.  Actually there were 2 fires, one on Lookout Mountain too, but it was smaller.  That is what I saw first, then came out of the store (went to bed bath and beyond) at about 1, and this is what we could see.   You can see that the peak on the left side of the pic is already charred black. 

You can SEE the flames in this pic, if you look on the left side of the screen (make the photo bigger by clicking on it).  its a big line of fire!  This is take at about 3:30, it looked like it was going away, and they were letting residents back into their houses...they were saying this was not going to come close to the flames, but obviously it did!  Here you can see the fire moving west. 

The exit from 6th ave onto Indiana is closed.  You cant get to this area at all right now.  We have heard sirens and helicopters all day.    The fire is moving west around the circled around  all the way to the west side of the mountain. 

You can see the flames in the middle of the photo.  They are currently, right now, climbing 10+ feet up in the air!!

Watching it on the news is even more dramatic.  And its been windy all day so it slows down, then picks up then down, then up...its crazy! 

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