Monday, August 24, 2009

More 14er pics

Looking up at Democrat from the bottom.  Its a long way away.  And i dont even think I actually got the peak here, its behind what you are seeing. 

Josh's solitary moment.  At the top of Democrat.  whew, that was a long haul.  We didnt know at this time we were going to climb 2 more :) 

This is the picture that I took when I realized "Kite Lake" actually looked like a Kite.  hahahahahh!  I think it was the lack of O2 up there. 

We are on the saddle between the peaks of Cameron and Democrat.   The peak you are looking at is Bross.  We are about to go UP Cameron, and its steep!

At the top of Mount Cameron.  14,100ish feet.  What a beautiful view of 14ers and the clouds and mountains beyond!

Here is a great pic of the 4 of us.  Minus, Rock.   Where was she at.  Oh...right, she was taking the picture. 

Pretty flowers at around 13,000 feet.  The flowers on this hike were stunning. 

I like this photo a lot.  Rock looks really cool here, and the people behind her are blurry...She looks like she is not noticing me taking the photo either. Awe, Rock., she was so happy to be out hiking, she did really and didnt show her 10 years of age on the mountain at all!!!   We are on the top of mount Cameron here.  We were deciding whether to go on to the 3rd peak in the series of 4, or to take the easy road down (sorta) and go to the 4th peak.  (which was on the way back to the trailhead.)

One of now many "Jen and Rock on top of a mountain" shots.  :)

Heather is so tough.  On the way up Cameron, I think. 

Looking over at Mount Bross which has a barren peak taken from the top of Mount Cameron.  We are basically just walking down over the edge of the mountain here to get to the next 14er.(left pic)    (generally people do the 8 mile loop for all 4, but we were a little late to do all 4, and had only planned to do 1)  The right pic shows a good view of the trail up to Bross. 

Josh and I at the top of Bross, the last peak.  I was getting cold, the clouds were rolling in and it was going to rain.  (it was 100 that day in denver).  So we were ready to descend. 

Getting DOWN from Bross, which was the last peak we did. was steep.  Can you tell it was steep?  It was really really really steep.  It also  took a lot longer than it seemed, since we were going pretty much straight down. 

This is how steep the descent was!!!  I am sitting nearly back flat against the mtn taking this photo.  It was straight down!  You can see how Kite lake is at a different angle from the earlier photos, we were further to the east (or south). 

Heather going down the mountain, tentatively lol....  Josh behind her. 

I couldnt take any more pics going down, it was WAY too steep and I needed my hands.  I only fell 3 or 4 times, good thing it wasnt over the edge, lol.  Here is a photo of the scenery when we got down off the rocky barron mountains. 
Pretty flowers and happy dog.  The photo doesnt do the flowers justice.

Pretty stream at 12,500 the base of the 14ers.  It was so lush and green, something we never see in CO. 

I love waterfalls!!!

Russ and Heather below us.  I could not stop snapping photos, even though I was soooooo tired, b/c it was soo beautiful there!  Every flower, waterfall, green grass, it was perfect.  You can see the parking lot in the distance (if you click on pic to make it bigger you can see it better) and the lake is partially in the pic on the right. 

Thats all folks!

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