Monday, August 24, 2009

Home Alone in the Snow

Josh is in class tonight, and I opted out of knitting, for some much needed alone time.  Its also snowing like crazy out, and the drivers on the roads are idiots.  So, it was probably all for the best.  There is already 2 inches of wet, wet, snow out there. I have started a fire.  I am starting to wind down from work. 
I should go work on the basement, or start a sewing project, but I have been really burnt out lately.  I think its work that is really bumming me out...but i have been in a real down mood this week.  I dont know whats up.  Very woes-me- ish.

We have worked so hard on the basement in the past month.  I have mudded so much my hands are in pain!  I have blisters!   We still have to finish the 3rd coat. and then move things, so we can start the first coat in other areas!!!  Josh needs some help with the shower drywall, which is having a major problem in the spout area.  We are feeling burnt out.  I really wish some of our friends would come to help us...i sent an email asking for help this weekend.  Even a few hours, with lots of people will make a big difference.   Some have said they would help, but no-one has yet. 
We did get Russ and Jeff's much appreciated help on the ditch (scroll down for that post), so i cannot complain, I just think I am burnt out is all. 

Enough whining, going to do some more mudding, if my poor hands can take it! lol

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