Monday, August 24, 2009

Our great friends came to help!

This weekend I had emailed our friends asking for some help on the basement.  We just needed a boost and some extra hands for a few hours to knock out some bigger projects, especially those that I cant help josh with. 
We got so much done!!!

The plan was to get the demo of the old green drywall on the stairs done.  Russell and Brock made pretty quick work of that.  At one point, i looked up the stairs to see Russell, spiderman-ishly climbing up the walls to knock out the green ceiling drywall. 
Secondly, we needed to get all the trash cleaned out of the front yard and to the dump.  Our friend Joe loaded up the truck and he and Josh took it all to the dump.  Mostly wood, some old drywall, doors, and other scraps for $50!!  I think dump fees are a bit outrageous...but thats just me....

Also, needed help scraping and sanding the drywall mud, and adding 2nd and 3rd coats in some areas.  Heather & Megan took this on, while I mudded, scraped, sanded, and even hung more insulation.  lol. 

The greenboard needed to be moved from one wall to another wall, so we could mud behind it.  Green board is ridiculously heavy, especially in 8ft sheets, its very difficult to lift, and of course, very flimsy.  That got done, and we were able to get 2 coats of mud behind it. 

They also got 4 pieces of greenboard drywall hung in the bathroom while josh was at the dump.  So we just have 1 other wall in the bathroom, and some smaller pieces around the shower, then we can tile.  We also still need to finish the stairwell drywall.  We need 3rd coats of mud on some spots on the wall, and then we are ready to texturize the walls, prime, then paint.  I still have no idea what wall color to do at all???  I am completely unsure of what to do?!?!  argh!

So, in about 4-5 hours, we got a lot done.  I totally forgot to take pics yesterday...which was something I had really wanted to do....Take some pics of all the people who helped us finish this job.  I also forgot on trench digging day too.  ggrr!!.  I guess the gals were probably happy, Megan and Heather, they had drywall mud in their hair by the end of the day.  But it was one thing I wanted to chronicle along this basement journey, the people who helped, and all the work and time which went into creating the basement.   It is amazing to see what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time since Shawn was here.   Heather at one point said, "remember when this was just a pile of broken concrete" feels like we have come along way.  I wish I could say the same for the backyard, LOLOL.  thats another story. 

Here is the stairs drywall demo'd.  Remember the ugly, cracked green drywall?  That is now gone, thankfully.  It was some tough work, the drywall came off in small pieces, glad it got done :)

You can see the exposed brick, and see that Russ got the ceiling done too!! Wish there was a way to leave the exposed looks sooooo cool....but not so well insulated.  Josh can now fix the outside light, then we will re-drywall the stairwell. 

How did the hammer get up there? lol.

3 coats of mud, all scraped, sanded, touched up.  I will sand a little more, then the living room can be texturized.

Bedroom walls.  The west wall has 3 coats, I just need to sand. These walls have 2 coats, need to sand, and add a 3rd coat.  Mostly we used this wall for storage while we did the other walls.  But, still, lookin pretty good, don't ya think?  :)

Greenboard which got hung in the bathroom.  There is one more wall which got done also.  It is encasing the toilet (between the shower on one side, and the sump box on the other) its a cozy little spot for a toilet.  LOL, its really great.  I love how the bathroom looks, its pretty roomy, and lets good light in. 

I took this picture today, of all the stuff that got cleaned up yesterday.  However, this pic is not very convincing of that.  It was much worse!  Most of this can go out with the garbage on Thursday!  Then we will not look like the white trash house on the block. 

Today, josh is working on the car, and truck, changing the oil and fixing the car to get ready to sell. 
It has been a great weekend here.  We took Friday off, were able to ski over the weekend, get lots done on the basement, cars, and enjoying the spring sun here in Colorado!

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