Monday, August 24, 2009

I owe the spider an aoplogy

 September, 2008
Its not a spider bite, its probably MRSA. OR   methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.  Staff infection that is resistant to antibiotics...lets hope mine is not. 

Labs havent come back yet, wont for 4 days! (WTF, thats a long time?!?).
But the doctor was pretty sure, it all makes much more sense to me now too....since I had some training on MRSA about a year ago.  *duh!*

I either got it from the spa, (where I got my haircut and dyed on Tuesday) or I got it at work.  It was either Tuesday afternoon or Wed morning that I got it.  

I want to urgent care today, they drained it and lots of nasty pus (not puss) came out!  It hurt like hell!  They hopped me up with Vicoden, and locally numbed it for the cut, but no Vicoden or numbing medicine touched the pain of popping it like a big zit!  It hurrrrt!  They also packed it with some stuff and I have to go to the Infectious Disease doctor in 2 days to change the packing (gasp, its gonna hurt again) and possibly re-drain it.  (aaaahhhh, no!  it hhurts so bad).
I am not looking forward to that at all!  It was aweful! 
Here is day 6 after the draining today.  It's still enlarged b/c there is packing in there, and lots of it! 

If you want to know more about MRSA go here.  The 2nd page it mentions that it can be confused with a spider bite!  Sorry Spider that I killed that didnt bite me.  


September 8th
Getting a bit better today, I feel better and the wound is not excrutiating...instead just really painful. 
Thats better!   Its more red from all the bandages being taped and untaped than from being infected.  Its still oozing and the wound nurse showed Josh how to pack it.  OUCH!!! I am not looking forward to that, i have to do that each day until its healed!  They have to stick a  cutip in there and clean it then put packing in....OUCH !!!!  that is going to suck for josh tomorrow...

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