Monday, August 24, 2009

Its been since 4/20

Wow, its been since 4/20 that i wrote in this blog.  I can say this last month has been very busy, and very very very stressful for me.   We have been so busy with the basement, really trying to get it done (or done-ish to be usable) that josh and i have been working all day, every weekend, each night after work, and its starting to wear on us.  Its becoming too much!  Not only are things busy with the basement, but have also been quite stressful for me at work.  I am applying for another job, and the whole interview, second interview, etc etc etc has been quite hectic.  If i do get the job, it makes me terrified to think of telling my boss. She will not take it all.  I expect yelling.  Not fun. I keep taking it one day at a time, i am trying to anyway.  I am excited for a positive change, I believe, I will get to work 32 hours, plus more pay, plus 2 days working from home per week.  Sounds too good to be true.  I hope it works out that way. 
But on a positive note, tonight, while taking a walk, we saw the whole fox family in our neighborhood.  There is a field about 2 houses down from us, and the foxes live there.  Tonight, while walking past the field we saw one fox walking down the road, then it went into the field, and another came to greet it....then 2 babies came running out from behind the fence (this is all very close to a house)  we watched them frolic in the field, not 30 yards from us.   Then the babies noticed me, and just ran right over to me, I kind of squealed at their cute-ness, and they didnt get much closer after that, but they were within 10 yards from me.  Rock was being really good, not whining or taking off after them, though she wanted to, very badly. 
It was neat to see them. 
Last SAturday, in my insomnia mode, I was awake around 1, and the foxes were howling, they sound like crying babies (the adults even) and now I know why they were so loud, there are at least 4 of them!  They were right in our backyard, or the neighbors, i couldn't see them, but I could hear them.,

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