Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Day at St. A's

Today is my last day at the hospital.  I have lots of mixed emotions, I am happy to be moving onto a more positive work environment, but I am a little sad to leave some of the people here. I feel very content with my decision, NO STRESSSSSSSS, but changing anything makes for a little sadness.  I look forward to the new changes, new people, and new phase of my life at the new job!  I have found a new career as a cancer registrar, and Marj, my boss took a real chance hiring someone with no experience to do this job.  I was lucky to get the interview, and very glad to get the job, 3.5 years ago :)
I have grown up a lot while being here at St. Anthony's, I can see it in myself and my actions.  Other people say it too, people here at work, i mean.  It has been one of the biggest changes of growth since my move to Colorado.  I can feel it in my lifestyle.  
The most sadness comes from saying goodbye to Karen, Marj, Dr. richardson, and the rad onc girls.  Dr. Richardson was really sweet, and truly wished me the best of luck.  He is such a kynd soul.  
I now have 2 weeks off from work!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!  Anyone want to vacation to Colorado?  I am available until the 30th. 

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