Monday, August 24, 2009

Lighting! March 9th, 2008

We have been buying things needed for the official basement construction in less than 1 week now!  Yesterday we went to the discount lighting store that was fabulous!  Lights are fun to buy!  We got canned lights for the basement ceiling, 18 of them.   Its a basement and josh is tall, so we didnt want anything hanging down at his head....and it will give the illusion of height to the room.  I am going to spray paint them a copper color on the inside, I saw it on trading spaces (i think) and It will look much more modern than the white!  I want the basement to have a warm earthy feel!!  
I found a beautiful for over the bathroom sink....I really like the warm tones it projected when it was light up in the store, and it goes with the theme as well...and it was fairly cheap!   (marked down from 299 to 78)

Above, is the light for over the bathroom sink.  It has 4 bulbs which hang down, you can see one of them sitting on the light itself.  Underneath it, is our tile, an earthy light brownish color.  I think we will be pairing it with some additional, darker, tile, b/c I think we dont have enough. 
Thats ok, I would like to have some darker tile in there.

I was kind of worried that the lighting and warmer colors would be too contrasting to the white sink and toilet with sterling silver fixtures.  But i think it looks OK together. 

Here is the bathroom sink we got at resource 2000, a house recycling place in Boulder.  This skink was $20, fixtures and all.  Its perfect too!  It also matches the bathroom upstairs (fixtures are the same).

You can see the sink here, matched up with the lighting and tiles, it looks pretty good! 

We also happened to come across the habitat for humanity store in the area, and I found this light for $10 bucks!  It will go in the basement bedroom.  Its pretty nice and keeps with the theme of the basement.  It was a really good find!

Here you can see most of the items paired together.  You can also see the little white canned light, sitting on the tile.  I will be spray painting the inside of the canned light a copper-ish as you look up, into the light, they are not white, but copper.  It will look very cool! 
Any suggestions on cheap or rather, affordable, "drop" ceilings?  That do NOT look crappy.   We are thinking wood paneling, framed in squares with a dark wood trim, WAY cheaper than drop ceiling, but still making the space accessible if something leaked, or happened in there.....any other ideas?!?

Josh's bro comes in on Friday, and we are looking forward to this new addition to our house!

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