Monday, August 24, 2009

Walls, March 16, 2008

Josh and his brother have been working since Saturday morning on the basement.  We have some walls in place, along with the bathtub.  The Code requires Floating walls, for the shifting that happens to the houses and soil out here.   I took a close-up of the floating walls, so you can see what it is. 

The bathtub had to be put in first, some code requirement, so we framed that first, then built the walls around it.  The tub has to be something like 12 inches away from an internal wall...weird?!  but it works out ok, we can put a little cubby in that space, and it will look ok.  The pic makes it look farther than it really is. 

Josh is standing where the bedroom will be.  You can see they have the west wall all complete, half of the north wall and half of the south wall.  They are working around the outer walls first, getting hte frame up.  Then electric.  Then inspection.  Then they will start drywalling.  

Here is the "floating wall" which is required by code.  So there is 2 inches of wood, supported by a 40-D nail (BIG NAIL) to allow for shifting.   Its way sturdier than it looks, you can push, pull, stand on it, and it doesnt move.  Very interesting.  

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