Monday, August 24, 2009

Lots more progress! MArch 22, 2008

We have the electrical, plumbing, and rough framing done, and inspected!  We passed all but the plumbing, which needed showerhead on, and a vent in the vanity.  Which are now done, and he will come again, on Monday.  The electrical passed us, but asked us to make some changes, adding 12-2 wire from the fuse box into the bathroom, and changing something with the smoke detectors.  There might have been a few more things too.  
I did all the insulation for the firewall, and am now adding insulation to the exterior walls, and the 1 interior wall which will seperate bedroom from living room (for sound). 
Insulation is not fun! 
The guys hung drywall last night on 2 walls, and half of another wall.  It is looking more like a room down there now :)  We cant do the bathroom due to the missed inspection, which sucks, but i think they will get most of the walls drywalled in the next 2 days before Shawn leaves.  
Then there is still a lot to do after he goes on Monday, the bathroom will need floor tiles, drywall, toilet, vanity top, sink put in, and i am sure other things. 
Then we still need to mud the drywall, and i think we will put the coating of stuff (i dont know what it is) to go over the drywall to make the
walls a little textured.  Then paint.  We dont have enough money for carpet, so we have a ton of office carpet squares free from Joshs work that we will use.  They are an ugly maroon color, but new, and free....soo, that will have to do, for now.  We also have very little furniture.  And lots of tools, which will now have no space at all. 
We have spent a lot of money, which freaks me out a bit.  We have been saving up for this for a long time, and also got 2 credit cards (home depot card, then found that discover offers 6 mos no interest PLUS 5% cash back on all home improvement items, and 3% on everything else, so we got that one and are using that)  So we will have time to pay it all off..but still....freaky!    All in all, its a huge investment which will increase the value of our house, and will give us a better quality of living in our small space.  ITs worth it.

This morning we woke up to a very very cold house... i went out to check to see if the thermos was off, it wasnt, it just wasnt going.  I asked Josh if they did something to it, the night before.   "oh no"  he says.  so we figure something is wrong...he goes down there, pulls something out, saying that is the part which is not working.  Then Shawn got up, and disagreed with him...they cut the furnace line last night, instead of the phone line, LOLOL, an easy fix, and a "Whew" sigh of relief from me!!!!

Here are some photos.

Bathroom, the tub is in place, and the vanity that i looked ForEver for!  

Josh and shawn running from me taking pics, you can see my closet behind them.  There HAD to be a closet down here! 

You can see my closet now :)
I will most more soon, the drywall is going up, you can really see the changes now !!


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