Monday, August 24, 2009

More progress....

The guys got a lot done this weekend, and the basement really now looks like a room!  they put in a new front basement door, finished nearly all of the drywall, and are hoping to get to some bathroom floor tile if possible.  I did all the insulation in the whole house by myself!   We insulated the outer walls, and the interior bedroom, and laundry room walls, for sound.  Its quieter even without the walls and just insulation. 

Going down the basement stairs, no drywall here yet, but the insulation was all ME !  big task, and itchy too!

Looking toward the bathroom and bedroom.  The cutout in the wall will be shelves and storage. Good idea, huh?

Josh and Shawn putting in the new front door!

Josh, checking out the doorframe.  

This is the east wall.  

The new door, my new closet (thanks shawn), and part of the east wall are seen here. 

Looks good huh?


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