Monday, August 24, 2009

New things I made...11/27/8

Still pretty stressed around here.  The worry of Josh's job loss still looms, and I am working lots of hours both at work and sewing to pad our savings account.  I am also sewing some custom orders, and making Christmas gifts.  I am really hopeful the gifts turn out as great as they are in my head :)  I am really excited about them!!  I love to make handmade gifts, I wish I didn't have so many other projects right now so I could enjoy them more.  My Christmas wish is to have the basement usable in the next 2 weeks so that we can get a christmas tree, since we are not going home (and we have no room in our house currently).  with lots of work, from josh, (as i work OT, sew, and make christmas gifts:) so we'll see if it happens or not...:)  I am really hoping!  (he never reads this)

Anyhow, I have had a small amount of time to do a few other things for my website. 
They are available to buy, think GIFT ideas!

Above, Cotton pants with stretch, with vine & leaf appliques.

Above, Corduroy Lotus flower Applique skirt with ruffle along the bottom.  more info at

Cardinal Wall hanging
More at

Shea Butter Hand and Body Soap

Shea Butter Massage bar ~

Italian Kitchen Soap, natural antibacterial!

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