Monday, August 24, 2009

Christmas Gifts I made 12/1/08

Here are some Christmas gifts I can post on here.  I am pretty sure the people they are for will not check out this blog :)

I made 2 reversible table runners.  One side has Christmas holly with shiny gold thread appliqueing holly berries and leaves in the center of the runner.  The opposite side has snowmen (my godmother collects non-christmasy snowmen or snowwomen for the wintertime). 
I added beads to each end instead of tassels.  The beads are attached on a button, and can come off the button to put the runner in the wash!  I think they turned out pretty good! 

Large Table Runner Snow-people side

Large Table Runner Holly

Small Table Runner

Applique, much better in person

Side 2, sorry for the sideways pics


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