Monday, August 24, 2009

Paint! December 7, 2008

The last couple of weeks we have been back, hard at work in the basement!  I really want to use the space for Christmas, and to have a tree this year!!! 

So, somehow a bunch of pics I took up to the point of paint have gotten deleted :(  
probably b/c I didnt delete them off the camera and Josh had to take it to work *(cause its his work camera) and there were pics on it, and he deleted them.  :(  shoot! 

But here are a few pics of the paint! 
The paint color is harvest wheat or something like that.  It ended up looking just like the basement bedroom paint, even though they are two separate colors :(  shoot!  On the right, the white wall will be painted an evergreen green. 
A plug for paint ~~~  We have painted this whole basement, ACE HARDWARE paint is way better than behr, home depot paint, and many others!  It covers much better, we always have a lot leftover, and its not very expensive either.  plug plug

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