Monday, August 24, 2009

Staff infection update

I had a few more photos of healing from the staff infection that I was going to post on here, but for some reason they got deleted off the camera.
The labs came back STAFF infection not MRSA. (staf? staff? ...spelling??).
Thank goodness! But the staff was pretty terrible no matter what it was! I had to stuff wound packing inside the hole in my leg for 3 weeks. I am finally done with that as of last Tuesday. Now I have a huge black healing scab. Its much better and I am grateful it didn't get worse than it did.
My work and coworkers were so nice about it all. My boss allowed me to work from home all week, due to how contagious it was and even if it wasn't contagious, there is no way I could have made it into the office with that leg wound. I had to clean it and pack it at least 1 time per day. It hurt terribly!
I felt very lucky that my job allowed me to work from home and that my coworkers could take on the inner office duties while I was out. It was a real relief to me to have that support. If i was at my old job, I would probably have had to take 1 week off of work, that would have sucked!
The people at the new job are very supportive.
So thats the update, Feeling much better, glad it's over, hope it doesnt happen again and that the staff will be the last illness i will have this fall. (I usually get sick when it gets cold out)

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