Monday, August 24, 2009

What a week! (not in a good way)

This week has been a long, long week. Lately, it has seemed like nothing has been going right for Josh and I.

Right before my parents got here, our washing machine broke. And not only did it break, but it managed to spew motor oil all over our clothes. The seal on the drum broke, so the oil was leaking out the middle and onto everything. I managed to do 1 load extra before figuring this out. Then after 2 weeks Josh finally "fixed" it. Well, I told him it was not fixed, he didnt believe me and washed more clothes in it. More clothes are totally stained now with motor oil. We do not have 1 set of sheets for our bed that were saved. :( Since we just bought new sheets, we dont exactly have the money to go buy more, especially since after Josh spent money on parts for the machine and we had to buy a new washer anyway. gggrr! So we are sleeping on motor oil stained sheets, which really freaks me out actually. I wake up and see the stains and they are black and i think its a bug or something. It's really gross, but we dont have much of a choice right now.
We are also having major car issues, the lawnmower broke partially, just enough to make it fairly dangerous when you mow. Unfortunately, we have no money to fix these things since, we just paid tuition, our credit card for our basement is now due and we will have a chunk to pay off in October, I just had a bunch of DR bills for my staff infection (and i have insurance!!) it was pretty costly to get moderately sick, Christmas coming up and we probably cant afford tickets to go home, especially with the tix at 600$ each! Yikes! Lets see, and we need new truck tires for winter very badly, and our anniversary is coming up! I planned a trip for josh and I which will cost a bit, but I do think we need the time away. Badly! We need to get away from life for a few days :)
So money is tight for us...and like most Americans nowadays we dont have much extra. If something really bad happened, I dont know what we would do! I am thankful that we have what we do, and I am grateful josh can fix most things which helps us a lot. Being grateful makes me feel better after all that whining! Ah, but when It rains in life, it pours! And thats life, I have learned! So, it will eventually go away, and i hope it doesnt get any worse.

Secondly, Olshan, the company who is "fixing" our wall problem, has been here probably 3-4 times in the last 2 months. (I have lost count as to how many times they have been here since 2005 when we bought this place). Each time they come we think it's the last time, it never is. Maybe this time, probably lucky number 32 or something, will make it stick? Blah! So the last time they came, since we have had SO many problems, they decided to rip out OUR DRYWALL that we hung, mudded, sanded, texturized, primed, painted ourselves. Then they put up a plastic shield and re-did their drainage system. Then they are paying for a drywaller to come back and fix it. We water tested it, and water poured in through their wall brace they put on initially in 2005. ARGH! So we call, and the Denver manager doesn't call Josh back, we are so mad at this guy. Josh said to the receptionist I will give him until the end of the day or I am calling the regional manager. He did not call, so Josh called the regional manager. Who was really nice, got back to us ASAP, and now there are workers here today, epoxying again and I am so sick of that smell! it takes a long time for it to go away (like a month then we become used to it, other people can smell it though). They are also extending the wall shield to the ceiling (which they were supposed to do last time, they were also supposed to extend the drain last time and did not do that either, WTF?!). Today one of the managers is here supervising. But not the manager guy who we are pretty annoyed with. Furthermore, that manager DAVE, said he would come out to supervise the lasts 3 times they came to "fix" it, and he never did!!!! I dont like Dave, you should fire him Olshan, if you ever read my blog. lol

The rush here is that Josh's mom comes to visit this Thursday and it HAS to be drywalled by then! Stress! B/c there is a HUGE mess to clean up down there already, and after the drywallers even more. The drywall is scheduled for Wed, which gives me very little time to clean up. And josh is sick, came down with a sore throat and congestion yesterday, woke up today WAY worse and is dealing with all this foundation stuff today, poor guy. I have to deal with it on Monday, they come back then and test and check it. I hope Josh gets better soon and I hope even more that I dont get sick too! I cant deal with getting sick again, that staff infection was bad enough, isn't that enough for now~!
Oh, and work hasn't been a picnic either.

Whew, that was a lot of complaining! I hope I have gotten it out of my system, lol.

On the UP side ~~~~` I have been thinking and thinking about Christmas gifts that I have been wanting to make for family this year. I am trying to make all gifts like I did last year, it was a lot of fun to make things for my mom, she really liked them last year! that made me really happy.
And i have a really, really, really good idea now for this year!!! I am so excited!! But I Cant tell :) i know you all read this.
The idea actually came from a little bird, seriously!

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