Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy weekend of fun!

What a fun and busy weekend this has been!! I just want to hit the re-start button and do it all over again :) The weekend was full of fun with friends, family, phamily and great music!
Friday was a busy day, after work I had an eye doctor appointment, then I needed to get groceries, then head home to get ready to go out to dinner with my cousin Jess. Later that evening, our friend Claudia planned a "surprise" party for we had to be in attendance at 9pm at Governors Park (a bar in Denver). After the "surprise" and another beer, we said goodbye to our friends to head over to The Bridge, my other cousin's band from Maryland. If you haven't heard The Bridge you should check them out;
You can download and listen to many of their songs right from their website (you can also find them on facebook and myspace). (I have pics but I can't find my micro mini converter, as the pics are on my phone! I will post when I find them!! gggrr)
We headed over to 5 Point to Quixotes to watch The Bridge. I love Quixotes for a show! ( The stage is higher up, so I can actually see the band where-ever I am at during the show.
We had not yet seen Patrick (my cousin) yet, and with the surprise party, we ended up getting to the venue just as they were going on stage.
I got in a very excited wave to Patrick as they were playing one of their first songs.
The whole show was incredible (as always) and I danced the entire time, as always. Finally, at set break I was able to go over and say 'hi' to my cousin and the rest of the guys. It was great to see all of them again, plus the whole crew that we had met in Portland earlier this summer.
After the show Patrick came back and stayed with us, as always, and we stayed up 4am drinking and talking...I finally crashed out at 4, I am sure Josh and Patrick stayed up till much later.
The next day, Saturday, it was unusually cold and rainy in Colorado. And football season is here. The U0fM game was on, and it was an awesome game with Michigan winning. I was feeling pretty rough from the night before, but still had fun just sitting around and hanging with my cousin and Josh! Two of my favorite guys, for sure :)
I wanted to cook Patrick a nice dinner, since they are on tour and eat out a lot. I had been picturing sitting outside with a beer in hand, after a hike earlier in the day, on our new patio in the sun....but instead we sat inside, it was freezing and raining and there was no sun. haha! But we managed to get dinner finished and got Patrick back to the venue at 6:20 (20 minutes late, sorry!)
I had hoped he would stay another night...but they were traveling on Sunday. (boo!)
I napped while Josh took Patrick back to the venue, and woke up around 9 to get ready and do it all over again (but my plan was with less beer this night).
We picked up Kelly and got down to the show around 11, we had time to say "hi" to several old friends we ran into, along with the band, before they went on stage. The show Saturday night was even better then Friday night; my favorites were Poison Wine, Lasting Hymn, and of course White Lightening, which Patrick played just for his "cousin Jen" which was really sweet :)
Josh, Kelly and I danced all night, as did everyone else in the venue! Everyone was having a great time and so happy, The Bridge does this to their audiences; a super trait for a band to

After the show it was great to hang out and chat with everyone before we had to head home again. We finally left after lots of goodbyes around 3am, and got home around 330. Whew!
I crashed out immediately, and we woke up on Sunday to get ready for Heather's baby shower.
(yes, more to do!).
I had been meaning to make a pillowcase dress for the baby and so I did that first thing when I got up, I added some appliques to the dress, so it took a couple of hours. Plus I got her other gift wrapped and tied up some loose ends before the party. We got them 24 weeks of diaper service from Bundle, in Boulder. Here is the link. This is a green company, and they even drive a sustainable vehicle to pick up the stinky diapers :)

We headed down to the shower around 3:30; which was hosted at Jennie and Patrick's house.
Of course there was great food (thanks Mary, shower MVP) and great friends. Heather looked so cute and happy...and ready to be done being pregnant.

All in all it was a great weekend! I fell asleep at 9pm last night :) completely exhausted! Thankfully I have Monday's off, so I am
able to get some stuff done today. I am also waiting for Josh to wake up so we can do that hike we had planned on Saturday with Patrick.

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