Thursday, October 29, 2009

October blizzard, 2009

Not even Halloween yet, and Colorado has had it's first snowstorm!
What happened to fall??? We had some beautiful fall weather for about a week and then we had our first snow (of just a couple inches) which knocked all the leaves off the trees....then Tuesday night, the snow started to fall again. The weatherlady was sternly saying the snow was coming 8-14" for the foothills, that seemed like a lot of snow...but when we woke up Wednesday morning, we already had at least 14" of snow, and it was still coming down!
It snowed heavily all day Wednesday and throughout the night, we woke up to at least two feet this morning! Josh and I took some time to go and play in the snow, it wasn't wet enough to make snow-people...I was bummed about that. Mostly the dogs just wanted to go inside, but Belle at least managed to play a little bit.

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