Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Our friends had a Halloween Party last night; which meant I had to decide on a costume again. Early in the week, Josh and I went to The Arc thrift store to check out their selection of costumes, and they had an entire Halloween section full of them! But, I had no idea what I wanted to be, and picked out this Hawaiian dress, and decided to be "Hawaiian." Needless to say, when I got home and tried the dress on, it fit me weird and I didn't like it. ha! I still had no idea what to be until yesterday morning, when "crazy cat lady" popped into my head, lol. I figured I'd get the dogs, cat ears, and they could be my cats. I pulled out some old glasses, old sweater, found a t-shirt I didn't need anymore and wrote "I Heart Cats" on it... I got two buttons of cats, wore pajama pants and slippers. It was a comfy Halloween, that's for sure! Josh dressed up as Dexter (the guy from the TV show, he is a serial killer) but only one other person actually knew who he was, so he was a little bummed about that.
At the party there were some clever costumes, a Freudian Slip, "uninsured", some scary costumes, and as always, some "hot" costumes, a cute bunny and Little Red Riding Hood?.
If my dogs, er, cats, could have kept their ears on, it might have been funnier for me :)
Here is me with my black cat :)

Before the party we went and saw Heather and Russ, and new baby Jillian, who is nearly 1 month old! She wore her pumpkin outfit that we got her when she was born, it was adorable! We passed out candy to the kids in their neighborhood, and saw the cutest costumes on the littlest kids :)
Halloween is such fun, now the official "holiday season" has started...and I really need to start my Christmas gifts.

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