Friday, April 30, 2010

Hip-Threads is an official, on the books, business!!

Hip-Threads is finally an official business!  Yippie!  This is a big week for me :)  Because I am still doing contract work for two facilities, I had decided not to register Hip-Threads this year; but then found out I needed to do so for the farmers market I am participating in this summer.   I reluctantly got all the paperwork around, it was very confusing and even though I could mail it in, Josh had insisted that I bring in in person.  It was a good thing too, we had made some mistakes on the form.  But after just a few hours of running to the state, then city of Denver buildings, I got it all done!  Now I am waiting on my quote for liability insurance (for the market as well), hopefully it won't be too much money. 

With the farmers market rapidly approaching, and my not knowing for sure what to sell, I have been sewing like mad to make lots of skirts.  I need to spend some time on smaller items and hope to do that this weekend; I will probably spend one whole day working on making handmade greeting cards like these -->.  Check out my etsy shop if you would like to purchase any at a great price! 

And a huge, big, gi-nor-mous, thank you to my friend Jim who designed my new banner, website and business cards!  Perfect for Hip-Threads; handmade for an outdoor lifestyle!  

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