Friday, May 7, 2010

At the beach, bachette weekend in Ft Lauderdale

/I was really excited to bring our new netbook on vacation; I wanted to blog from the beach and share my adventures along the way.   Unfortunately, The Hilton Hotel we are staying at charges $15 per day for their internet; so I have been browsing for unsecured wireless all morning, but finally found one that stays connected; thank you hotel next door!
It has been years since I have been to Florida; Josh and I came here back in 2002 to visit my grandparents and go to Disney World and then we moved to Colorado and haven,t been back since.  It's great to be here again! 
This morning we have been laying around the pool, reading, getting sun, swimming, and blogging...what a life!  It makes me want to move from the mountains to the beach; from hiking boots to a bathing suit.  But I think I would miss my hiking trails too much and I don't know if you can hike much through the Everglades.   I think its about time to take a walk down the beach in the sun!

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